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What exactly is this mod and what happened to the WPU project?

Shadows Over Ashan (TSoA) is a so-called "global modification", meaning that it works like any official DLC. It will add new things to the original game, specifically a new nation/town and units which you can play in both single player skirmish maps and multiplayer maps on one PC (hot seat).
The original Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer (WPU) project was canceled, but its strong foundations gave rise to this DLC. Except for campaigns and a script-based systems, everything has been preserved.

How do I install TSoA mod and which game version do I need?

First, download the entire package (1,6 GB) and unzip it to your disk. Then move/copy the files listed below to the specific folders - if those folders does not exist, create them. That's all and you can start playing!

  • WPU.upk to: ...\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CookedPC
  • WPU_2.upk to: ...\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CookedPC
  • H7Config.upk to: ...\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CookedPC\Data
  • WPU.INT to: ...\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\Localization\Content\INT
  • CM_***.umap to: ...\steamapps\common\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CookedPC\Maps\Combat
  • 0_RandomCreatureStacks.upk + H7RandomCreatureStacks.upk to: ...\Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\CookedPC\Editor\InteractiveObjects\Armies\Creatures

This modification works for the base game Heroes VII with the latest patch installed (Steam/Ubisoft Connect), or the base game with expansion pack Heroes VII: Trial by Fire.

Version 1.6.4: + balance pass for neutral unit Spellplague Werewolf.
Version 1.6.3: + balance pass for neutral unit Vermin.
Version 1.6.2: + fixed Repository and Recycling Pits town buildings to work as intended on skirmish maps.
Version 1.6.1: + Xel unit Cocoon was moved to unused faction of Shapeshifters so it no longer appears on the map as this unit is for summon ability only.
Version 1.6.0: + Xel units can now appear in any random stack on the map.
Version 1.5.0: + added town theme music to Xel town (using the original Inferno theme).
Version 1.4.0: + fixed Bio-Titan's stats so the Bioplasm ability can now trigger properly again.
Version 1.3.0: + added 6 custom combat maps.
Version 1.2.0: + added English translation for Rift Cloak buff description (from Rift Gate town building).
Version 1.1.0: + fixed ranged units (correctly placed starting projectile positions).


Important notice

When choosing options of the skirmish map, be sure you always select Xel town from the drop-down menu AND you also choose a Xel hero by clicking on the portrait. Otherwise your starting town will be reverted back to the one of the original towns.
You can watch our quick guide here: TSoA quick guide (skirmish setup)

How to replace the original combat maps?

In the game folder "Maps\Combat" choose any one combat map you want to replace. Rename this one by adding "XXX" (to backup the original map) to: BS_CrusaderCommanderyXXX.umap (example for battle site map). Copy your chosen suctom map into the same folder and rename it to the original map name, thus: BS_CrusaderCommandery.umap. From now on the game will use this new custom combat map. You can replace any other combat map except: Derelict Ship, Dragon Utopia, Shantiri Ruins and Elemental Forge (all where your army is placed in the center - those will be added later).
You can watch our quick guide here: TSoA new combat maps guide

UCP and Hades mods friendly

If you want to use UCP and/or Hades (Inferno) mods with this one you have to follow this installation order to avoid any problems: 1) install UCP mod, 2) Install TSoA mod, 3) Install Hades mod.

You can download those mods here:
UCP (unofficial community patch) by Antalyan
Hades (Inferno faction) by Sylen

Known issues

Unfortunately, not everything can be edited in the H7 editor, so these problems may occur while playing:

  • There is no Xel town siege map (Dungeon one is used instead).
  • You cannot choose Xel town for scenario maps.
  • We do not recommend playing in windowed mode (game may crash).


WPU/TSoA Team: Lord Graa, Antalyan a Niven
3D models: Animated Heaven, Lukáš Čarnota, samize, Lugia Games, Maksim Bugrimov, Jasper Cousins, Fluzo Studios, arslan-9912, kitsuwaka, Bogdan, indiegamemodels, Taras, jxs1990, Andrei Alexandru, ticor
Ilustrations: ticor (Xel town), Hayden Dsilva, benlap94, supergameasset, Arsheesh, Kurek, Jamie Jamieson
Localization (ENG): Antalyan, John Forst (proofreading)
Betatesters: Antalyan, Lord Graa, Niven, MoritzBradtke
Donors: VRedEyes
Special thanks: LizardWarrior, natalka, TM, 3LiON, Julien Pirou, Daniel Singleton & Limbic Ent., Emily, sylen, MoritzBradtke