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Characters and stories

  • The story of Wryn Pendragon | Yana Rane | Ramon Crane | Draven Leander | Mordechai Rane | Malak | Stargazer
  • The story of the Xel race and the C'sura Alliance | Mordochs, worshippers of the False Dragon God | Shapeshifters
  • Architekt

    Many of Sur (as members of the While Council of Alliance call themselves) believe that the first Xel beings arrived on their native planet Eb from a nearby nebula, which has never been entirely explored. That time, all the factions of C`sura behaved separately, being in a persistent conflict. Only the coming of a powerful enemy made these factions unit together. Immediately, enemies became allies.

    The first conflict was more likely a massacre than a battle and unprepared Sur tasted the power and resolve of this parasitic space race. However, instead of death, it meant endless enslavement for defeated Sur. Step by step, Xel started to control bodies and minds of their hosts. In the end, even the particular members of the Council stood against each other and the only “rescue” was entire destruction of host bodies. Those who survived without being enslaved escaped to the nearby Yeg Moon and contacted other factions, creating thus the - later famous - C`sura Alliance.

    Opinions about finding a radical solution were more and more frequent. Pa`Raktos, later known as the Architect, belonged to supporters of these ideas. And it was exactly he who came with an idea to create an ultimate weapon which would destroy Xel once and forever. The Council finally agreed and the work on the Messiah could start.

    Xel had already controlled the whole Eb and everything indicated they would leave the planet soon towards the further colonisation. The Messiah was also prepared but nobody wanted to bear responsibility for millions of victims which would die together with Xel. Eventually, Pa`Raktos himself took all responsibility and The Messiah was launched, even through many protests. The result of the weapon was perfect – it had really engulfed the whole planet. Everybody was celebrating defeat of Xel and mourning at dead relatives at the same time.

    The Architect, fascinated by destructive power of the weapon, left to a near nebula in a hope he could disappear and get the necessary time for loading the Messiah again. But he was confronted with the primordial Xel – an immaterial entity which used him as its host. So the Architect left the weapon in the nebula to divert attention from himself and he headed in a smaller spaceship towards the wormhole.


    After finding the Messiah in the nebula, it was decided to modify it in order to be executable only by someone from Sur who would get the permission from all members of the Council. Also a new condition was assigned: absence of anyone on the target planet. So the Messiah had been deactivated and hidden on a safe place on the Yeg Moon, in a hope it might be possible to launch it never more.

    At the same time, a battle-cruiser was sent to chase escaping Pa`Raktos who was the last host of the Xel entity. Passing through the wormhole damaged his ship enough to make him force land on the nearest planet. Without any control over the ship, it was more like a falling-stone than a landing. He created a huge crater on the north continent and the alloy in the mantle of his spaceship sealed him inside. So he created thus his own tomb, imprisoning his own dead body, as well as the Xel entity.

    C`sura reached their aim. After short survey on the place of impact, their sensitive devices found no activity. So they decided to cover the whole place and created massive mountains above the crater thanks to their abilities. It was decided that seven members of Sur would stay on the planet as eternal guardians. They named the world “Mon`Dalar”, which means “Eternal Guard”, and they changed their appearance into impressive creatures – dragons, not to scare the nations living there, by their true appearance.

    As the time passed, dragon guardians slowly started to forget horrible things they had experienced. On the contrary, they enjoyed how the countries worshipped them as their gods. They sent a message to their native planet from time to time but there was nothing to report more and more often. Xel had never appeared again and the massive mountains have been settled by first tribes.

    Thousands of years have passed and only shadows became from once powerful and proud Sur. And it was exactly that moment Xel entity had been waiting for, poisoning minds of all living creatures for centuries in the Iron Mountains’ surroundings. Using the name Arkath, this false dragon god was ordering dwarves to dig deeper and deeper. It helped them to get rare metals which had been created during the spaceship fall and which were the only ones being able to break through the sealed mantle.

    In the day of opening the Xel tomb, a furious storm of red lightnings rose across the whole world. All nations turned immediately to their gods to help them but they kept silent. Surprised by something they hadn’t been prepared for, they rather escaped to the depths of cold space. Humans, elves, dwarves and other nations had to rely on themselves. And thousands of mutated creatures were coming towards them from the Iron Mountains, having no mercy...