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What is Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer?

!!! WARNING !!!

Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer is the community project, adding many new features to Might & Magic: Heroes VII, such as brand new Xel faction & town, many new creatures, skills, abilities, artifacts, spells and buildings in the form of campaigns. The player will get an opportunity to play for each side of the outbreaking conflict. In the first campaign, they will play for the main protagonist, Wryn Pendragon. In the second campaign for the Xel faction: aliens with an effort to enslave everything alive. And in the last chapture for the C'Sura Alliance which interferes to decide about the destiny of not only the Xel but also about the whole Mondalar.

Which new things can you be looking forward to?

The whole Xel town, including buildings and townscreen. 18 units of this faction + neutral units. 9 bosses + 13 units to be summoned as "living statues" through the Alchemy skill. Two brand new skills: Mutagenesis (faction Xel skill) and Alchemy (Craftsman unique skill). The Atmos system which generates random weather effects and directly influences the hero both on the battlefield and on the adventure map. Special heroes with unique appearance and specializations. And even much more!

Which game version is it necessary to have?

As dwarves have an important role in the story, it's necessary to have at least the stand-alone Trial by Fire or The Complete edition.

How much do I have to pay?

Nothing. All campaigns (maps) can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE. However, if you want to contribute to this project and support thus the authors, you can do it according to the instructions below. You are also more than welcome to join the works on the project.

Where can I download it?

All story chapters (campaigns) will be available for download on this site as soon as the public beta version is finished. All consequent improvements and new versions will be released here as well.

How much space on the disk does it occupy?

The particular campaigns (consisting of several maps) require the following amount of space: Chapter I.: XX MB, Chapter II.: XX MB, Chapter III.: XX MB. (to be specified later)

Which languages is this project going to be translated to?

The project is being created in the CS Czech localization, subsequently translated to EN English. After releasing the CZ/EN versions, we're planning to create other translations with the help of community.

Should you be interested in translating WPU into your (not yet translated) language just contact us!

How many campaigns and maps is it going to include?

A total of 3 campaigns (chapters), released subsequently in the order: I. Wryn Pendragon > II. Xel > III. C'sura. Each campaign contains 6 connecting maps, so total of 18 maps should be prepared for you to play.

Are you going to fix the bugs in the game?

No. This project is in the form of custom maps where you can find everything new and improved. However, it neither affects the main game nor changes it it any way. It's due to the licence we're binded by, for using the 3D models. The only exception is the ATMOS system. Since completely designed in the Kismet environment, it can be further distributed.

Does it add new factions and creatures for the game?

No (see above). You can play for and against the new creatures (and factions) only on the project maps.

Can I get the Atmos system to use it on my maps?

Yes. This is exactly what the random generation of weather effects has been created for, and you will be able to find it on the same place as the campaigns for download. The Atmos package will contain also the detailed tutorial how to copy the system to your maps and make it work.

Where and how can I contribute to authors?

If you want to support us and help us cover at least some of the costs connected with this project's and website's development, you can do it through an ordinary bank transfer (to the account with the number below) or simply through the PayPal. Thanks in advance for any amount of money given to us.

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